Forthcoming Release: L’Album des ‘Disegni di Antonio Pollaiuolo’

This book offers an unprecedented look at a collection of 23 drawings dating from the 15th century. Originally donated to the Louvre Museum by French painter Léon Bonnat in the early 20th century in a folio entitled “A. Pollaivolo Drawings (?), 1429-1498,” these drawings have come under scrutiny for their attribution to the hand of Antonio Pollaiuolo. Their brilliance, though, is without question. Accompanying these images is analysis offered by authors Laura Angelucci and Dominique Cornellier, who aim to dissect the technique and materials of each composition as well as the history behind them.  L’Album des ‘Disegni di Antonio Pollaiuolo is scheduled for release 31 August 2016, but it is available for preorder here

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