Opening Soon: “Floating Piers” by Christo at Lake Iseo  

For those who live in/near Lombardy: Christo’s installation, entitled “The Floating Piers,” opens this coming Saturday, 18 June, on Lake Iseo, east of the Italian city of Bergamo. 

The artist’s first public work since 2005, when he and the late Jeanne Claude debuted “The Gates” in New York’s Central Park, “The Floating Piers” constitutes a modular structure nearly three miles in length that connects the island of San Paolo to the nearby shoreline communities. The floating, functional dock will be accessible to visitors for 16 days (until 3 July), after which point it will be deconstructed and repurposed. 

Further Reading: 

Luca Zanini, “Il regalo di Christo al algo d’Iseo: una passerella da 500 mila turisti (e l’umanità di un artista unico),” Corriere della Sera, 14 June 2016.

Christo, “The Floating Piers” (Project for Lake Iseo, Italy). Photo: André Grossman; copyright 2014 Christo. 

The island of San Paolo, Lake Iseo, Italy. Photo: Wolfgang Volz. 

Christo (center) on site at Lake Iseo with operations manager Vladimir Yayachev (left) and curator Josy Kraft (right). Photo: Wolfgang Volz. 

Christo, “The Floating Piers” (Project for Lake Iseo, Italy). Photo: André Grossman; copyright 2014 Christo.

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