IASblog welcomes Paola Bonino, Jean Carey, Livia Lupi, and Ioannis Tzortzakakis as Staff Writers and contributors to the blog, providing news and notes about Italian art and architecture from prehistory to the present. More on each of our new writers is available here.  IASblog has over 2,100 posts and over 8,700 followers. Thank you for reading!

IASblog welcomes individual contributions either by using the Submit link or sending an email to the editor. Submissions should include images with captions that give artist name, title, date, medium, location and photo credit. Authors should include weblinks as relevant, including to personal/professional websites for author credit. Full author guidelines can be found here. Guest authors include Douglas Dow, Adrian Duran, Cathleen Fleck, Harold Johnson, Sheryl E. Reiss, and Sean Roberts.

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