Call for Papers: The Gallery of Palazzo Buonaccorsi in Macerata: New Interpretation and Research Perspectives for the Eighteenth Century (in Europe)

University of Macerata, Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and
With the sponsorship of SISCA (Società Italiana per lo Studio della
Critica d’arte – Italian Society for the study of Art Critics)

Since its “re-discovery” in the 1970s by Dwight Miller and Francis
Haskell, the Aeneid Galley of Palazzo Buonaccorsi in Macerata has been
acknowledged as a fundamental text for Eighteenth century Europe. The
goal of this conference is to focus again on this complex work by way
of a dialogue between different methodologies in art-historical
research: documentary investigation, connoisseurship, art theory,
iconography, cultural history. In particular, we would like to
re-examine the choice of painters, the dialectic relationship between
centre and periphery, the role of the artistic culture of the Marche
region in the Papal State, and its relationship with other centres such
as Venice, Naples, Bologna, the development of similar types of gallery
in an international context, the tension between the pictorial
competition and the celebrative use of myth making, all of which make
the Gallery of Palazzo Buonaccorsi a privileged research field adding
to the understanding of the artistic culture of the early Eighteenth

The conference, foreseen in June 22nd -23rd 2017 in Macerata, means to
include the following topics, letting anyhow space for other proposals:

History and context
– Art and contractors between Marche and Rome in the Eighteenth century
– Relationships with the Arcadia and the culture of the Academies of
the early Eighteenth century
– The art collection of the Buonaccorsi family: creation and scattering
– The artists involved in the architecture and in the decoration of the

– Literary sources used for the definition of the iconographic
– Relationships of the Gallery with the decoration of other rooms of
the Palace
– Theme galleries and iconographic programmes: comparison between
Italian and European cases

Galleries and artistic literature in Europe between the Seventeenth and
the Eighteenth centuries
– The relationship with other Italian and European Galleries
– The Galleries as a form of “pictorial competition”
– The Galleries and the (re)definition of the pictorial schools system
– Fate, misfortune, rediscovery and restorations of the Aeneid Gallery

Those who are interested should send a short abstract for a presentation of about 20 min. (300 words max) and a short CV (300 words max) via email by 31 October 2016. Abstracts and reports are accepted both in Italian and in English. The organizers will cover all accommodation costs during the conference. Travel expenses are not covered. Notification of a proposal’s acceptance will be sent by e-mail by 15 December 2016. 

Organising Committee:
Massimiliano Rossi (University of Salento), Giuseppe Capriotti
(University of Macerata), Francesca Coltrinari (University of
Macerata), Patrizia Dragoni (University of Macerata), Susanne Adina
Meyer (University of Macerata)

Scientific Committee
Gabriele Barucca (Superintendency of Le Marche – Ancona), Silvia Blasio
(University of Perugia), Enzo Borsellino (University of Roma Tre),
Vittorio Casale (University of Roma Tre), Claudia Cieri Via (University
La Sapienza of Rome), Rosanna Cioffi (Second University of Naples),
Valter Curzi (University La Sapienza of Rome), Daniela Del Pesco
(University of Roma Tre), Michela di Macco (University La Sapienza of
Rome), Elena Fumagalli (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Andrew
J. Hopkins (University of L’Aquila), Riccardo Lattuada (Second
University of Naples), Lauro Magnani (University of Genoa), Sergio
Marinelli (University of Venice), Raffaella Morselli (University of
Teramo), Mario Alberto Pavone (University of Salerno), Cecilia Prete
(University of Urbino), Orietta Rossi Pinelli (University La Sapienza
of Rome), Gianni Carlo Sciolla (President SISCA), Alessandra Sfrappini
(Institution Macerata Culture Library and Museums), Cinzia Maria Sicca
(University of Pisa).

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