More Earthquakes Rock Central Italy and Render Damage

Only two months since the devastating 24 August earthquake, two more significant tremors, registering 5.4 and 5.9 magnitudes respectively, struck near the Italian town of Visso on 26 October and sent shockwaves that resonated across the Italian peninsula.

While damage is still being assessed across the region, news outlets are reporting that one of the architectural victims was the Church of San Salvatore a Campi di Norcia. With architectural elements dating from the twelfth to fourteenth centuries and interior frescoes from the fifteenth century, the church suffered significant damage in the August earthquake. This latest round of tremors proved the final blow, with the total collapse of the structure. Other buildings nearby were also damaged, but the full scope of the earthquake’s impact is still coming into focus.

Further Updates:

Stefano Miliani, “Heritage sites damaged as more earthquakes hit Italy” (The Art Newspaper, 27 October 2016). 

Italy Earthquakes: Widespread damage in historic towns(BBC News 27 October 2016). 

Il crollo in diretta della chiesa di San Salvatore a Campi di Norcia, gioiello del XII secolo – video” (RaiNews24). 

Images of the Church of San Savaltore a Campi in Norcia before and after the earthquake of 26 October 2016 (courtesy of and The Art Newspaper).   

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