The Center for Italian Modern Art is currently accepting applications for its fellowship program until 30 January. The theme for next season (October 2017 – June 2018) concerns Alberto Savinio, originally known as Andrea de Chirico (1891-1952), a talented painter, writer, and composer. The exhibition at CIMA will focus on two major themes in Savinio’s painting: imaginary places, with their mythological and dream-like references, and the family as a site of perilous ambiguity, where members are transformed into animals or living objects placed in claustrophobic spaces—as seen in Savinio’s “poltrobabbo” (“armchair-father”) or “mamma-tacchino” (“mother-turkey”). 

While any topic related to Savinio’s multi-faceted career is welcomed, CIMA encourages proposals for the fellowship in New York that enrich our understanding of the rapport between Savinio the writer/critic and Savinio the painter; the visual sources of Savinio’s iconography; Savinio’s “mauvaise peinture” and its rebirth or reconsideration during the late 1970s and 1980s; Savinio’s surrealism in comparison to the contemporary French movement; and the influence of surrealism on Italian post-war art, especially after 1960.

CIMA also offers a Travel Fellowship, to support research in Italy related to a book project or thesis. It is open to those who are not based in Italy and would like to travel there.

This year, CIMA is pleased to announce a new Affiliated Fellowship at Civitella Ranieri, which is open to art historians of any nationality working in any period who are looking for the opportunity to spend six weeks in an artist residency environment in a 15th-century castle in Umbria. No stipend is offered, but room, board, and a writing studio are provided. There is very limited access to research materials or libraries, so applicants should be at a writing stage in their project.

For application details connected to all of these opportunities, click here

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