IAS Seeks Dissertation Listings and CFPs

DISSERTATION LISTINGS: Congratulations to the new PhDs graduating this spring and summer. The Italian Art Society lists ongoing and recently completed dissertations concerning Italian art history from all time periods and from closely related areas in the humanities such as visual culture and archaeology. We invite students and emerging scholars to submit updates for dissertations completed, as well as begun, in 2017. If you would like your in-progress or completed dissertation listed, please send that information to the IAS webmaster using the following format: Last name of author, first name of author, “Title of PhD Dissertation in Quotes” (Name of Institution, Advisor’s First Initial and Last Name). Please identify the subject area(s) according to the following categories: Prehistoric / Etruscan ArtRoman / Late Antique ArtEarly Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic ArtRenaissance/Baroque ArtEighteenth- / Nineteenth-Century Art; or Modern / Contemporary Art

CALLS FOR PUBLICATION: The Italian Art Society also lists calls for papers for publication. If you are compiling or editing an anthology, a scholarly journal, a catalogue raisonné, an online database, or other types of publications requiring content pertaining to Italian art, please let us know so that we may share this information with our members and visitors to our blog and website. If you would like to post a call for papers please send submissions to our webmaster

Alberto Chiancone, La scuola di pittura, c. 1940. Galleria Mediterranea, Napoli.

Ferdinando Scianna, Mia sorella Anna impegnata nello studio, 1962. © Magnum Photos.

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