Magazzino Makes Waves for American Fans of Contemporary Italian Art

Magazzino Italian Art, the newest contemporary art space nestled in New York’s Hudson River Valley, opened its doors this week. A space (re)designed by  Miguel Quismondo – the site was once a dairy distribution center – Magazzino Italian Art will host special exhibitions alongside works from the collection of Giorgio Spanu and Nancy Olnick. 

Both Spanu and Olnick are collectors of post-war Italian art, particularly the artists of the Arte Povera generation, so their aim in launching this new museum space is to encourage a wider appreciation for this diverse generation of artists. One of the elements that both Spanu and Olnick hope is stressed in this new space is the purity of the creative process espoused by these figures. As Olnick is quoted in The Art Newspaper

“They focused on the intersection between life, culture and nature… . It was not commercial. These artists were antithetical to the market.” 

The opening of Magazzino coincided with the debut of the exhibition, “Margherita Stein: Rebel with a Cause,”  that looks at the work of Stein alongside her role as a champion of the Arte Povera movement. More information about the exhibition and the collection can be found on Magazzino’s website.  

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Posted by Alexis Culotta

View of the Magazzino Italian Art complex. Courtesy of The Art Newspaper/Magazzino Italian Art. 

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Stracci Italiani, 2007. Magazzino Italian Art. 

Giulio Paolini, Amore e Psiche, 1981. Magazzino Italian Art. 

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