Opening Today: A Matter of Perspective: Andrea Pozzo and Jesuit Art in Rome

Opening today, 11 July, at the Art Institute of Chicago is an intimate exhibition on the work of Andrea Pozzo (1642-1709) who, in addition to his artistic and architectural proclivities, was a lay brother of the Jesuit order. 

The exhibition works to contextualize Pozzo’s work within the landscape of late seventeenth-century Rome and the Jesuit expectations for religious architecture and adornment. It also aims to showcase Pozzo’s influence both within his generation and beyond through his landmark treatise,Perspectiva Pictorum et Architectorum. 

“A Matter of Perspective: Andrea Pozzo and Jesuit Art in Rome” will remain on view until 18 September. More information can be found on the museum’s website

Posted by Alexis Culotta

Andrea Pozzo. Cupola, 1693. Reproduced from Perspectiva Pictorum et Architectorum Andreae Putei e Societate Jesu. Rome: Joannis Jacobi Komarek, 1693. Image courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

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