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Pontormo’s newly restored Capponi Chapel Deposition will feature in the Palazzo Strozzi exhibition Cinquecento a Firenze (21 September 2017-21 January 2018). The restoration was carried out by restorer Daniele Rossi thanks to funds made available by the Friends of Florence Foundation. This is the third restoration project of a Pontormo painting that Kathe and John Dyson, board members of the Foundation, have sponsored. 

The painting is normally located in the Capponi Chapel in the church of Santa Felicita. The Chapel was designed by Brunelleschi for the Barbadori family around 1420, and was then taken over by the Capponi family in 1525. As well as the Deposition, the chapel features a frescoed Annunciation and the four Evangelists. 

The Capponi Chapel will be reopened in February 2018, after the Deposition has returned from Palazzo Strozzi.

Find out more about the exhibition on and For an insight into the restoration, check out ArtTrav 

Pontormo, Deposition, 1528, tempera on wood. Capponi Chapel, Santa Felicita, Florence.

Ibid., detail

Ibid., detail

A comparison of Rosso Fiorentino’s Deposition (c.1521, oil on wood, Pinacoteca Comunale, Volterra; left) and Pontormo’s (right).

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