Umberto Giunti (1886 – 1970) was an art restorer and copyist who taught at the Institute of Fine Arts, Siena. A skilled painter, Giunti (a protégé of the art forger, Icilio Frederico Joni) was responsible for the execution of a number of paintings that eventually made their way into the collections of various museums. 

Employing stylistic effects, subjects and compositions that were popular during the Mediaeval and Renaissance periods, Giunti’s pastiches have become collectable items in their own right.

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Images: Photograph of Umberto Giunti. © 

Umberto Giunti, Forgery in the manner of Sandro Botticelli, c.1920 – 1929, tempera on panel, The Courtauld Gallery, London. © The Samuel Courtauld Trust.

Madonna and Child with Two Angels, early 20th century, tempera and gold on wood, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Lawrence and Julie Salander, 2005. Public domain.

Portrait Group, early 20th century, oil and tempera on wood, The National Gallery, London. © The National Gallery.

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  1. Giunti and Joni are a class of their own, they would laugh at our so called artists of out time.

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