References: Matilde Battistini, Symbols and Allegories in Art, Hong Kong, The J. Paul Getty Trust, 2005.

Images: Sandro Botticelli, La Primavera, 1477-1482, tempera on panel, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Wikimedia Commons.

Enrico Farfani, Spring, 19th century, oil on canvas, Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery, Hertfordshire. Wikimedia Commons.

Andrea Casali, Spring, c.1755-1756, oil on canvas, The Holburne Museum, Bath. Wikimedia Commons. 

Rosalba Carriera, Spring, c.1725, pastel on gray paper mounted on cardboard, Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg. Wikimedia Commons. 

Gregorio Tedeschi, La Primavera, c.1630, marble, I Quattro Canti, Palermo.Wikimedia Commons.

Benedetto Antelami? Allegory of Spring, mid-12th-early-13th century, marble, Fidenza Cathedral, Fidenza, Italy. 

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Allegory of Spring, 1573, oil on canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris. Wikimedia Commons.

Jacopo Tintoretto, Allegorical Figure of Spring, c.1555, oil on canvas, Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, U.S.A. Wikimedia Commons.

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