References: Matilde Battistini, Symbols and Allegories in Art, Hong Kong, The J. Paul Getty Trust, 2005.

Images: Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Allegory of Winter, 1563, oil on panel, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. Web Gallery of Art.

Jacopo Tintoretto, Allegory of Winter and Autumn, c.1575-1585, oil on canvas, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg. Public Domain.

Francesco Solimena, Allegory of Winter, 1680s, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin. © National Gallery of Ireland.

Sebastiano Conca, Allegory of Winter, c.1720, oil on canvas, The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Creative Commons License.

Paolo Gerolamo Piola, Lunette Design with An Allegory of Winter, c.1688, brush and brown ink and brown wash with black chalk, heightened with white opaque watercolor, on laid paper toned with brown wash, mounted on paperboard, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia. © 2018 Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Giorgio Vasari, Two Putti (Allegory of Winter), 16th century, oil on panel, sold by Sothebys, New York 2016. Wikimedia Commons.

Attr. Lorenzo Tiepolo, Allegory of Winter, 1762, pastes on paper, El Paso Museum of Art, Texas. Wikimedia Commons.

Giorgio Vasari and Marco Marchetti, Allegory of Winter, 1555-1557, fresco, Camera di Opi, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. Wikimedia Commons. 

Bartolomeo Ammanati, Allegory of Winter, 1563-65, stone, Villa Medici, Castello.

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