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IAS-Sponsored Session at 59th International Congress on Medieval Studies
Kalamazoo, MI, 9-11 May 2024
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Italian Art for a Persecuting Society

Session Organizer: Theresa Flanigan, Texas Tech University,

Abstract: R.I. Moore’s The Formation of a Persecuting Society (2007) argued that late medieval Europe experienced the systematic, targeted persecution of diverse minority groups (i.e., heretics, Jews, lepers, and sexual deviants), which society proclaimed “dangerous,” thereby legitimizing violence against them. Notable about this period was the creation of a “rhetoric and apparatus of persecution capable of being turned at will from one category of victim to another, including, if necessary, those invented for this purpose,” establishing “patterns of persecution that endure in our own times” (pp. 145-51). 
Art’s role in the construction and reinforcement of systems of marginalization, exclusion, and persecution has been explored by art historians focused primarily on Northern Europe, including Mellinkoff’s Outcasts (1993), Strickland’s Saracens, Demons and Jews (2003), and Camille’s Image on the Edge (2004); and exhibitions, including Outcasts: Prejudice and Persecution in the Medieval World (Getty, 2018), and Medieval Monsters: Terrors, Aliens, Wonders (Morgan, 2018). This session explores the role of Italian art in the construction and reinforcement of persecuting systems and seeks to test Moore’s theory about the relationship between medieval institutional systems of persecution and those of the modern day.

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