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Nestled within the historic hill town of Certaldo is the place where the poet and scholar Giovanni Boccaccio chose to retire. Referred to as one of the “three crowns” of Italian Literature, along with Dante and Petrarch, Boccaccio, despite his literary and scholastic outputs and diplomatic roles, was dogged by financial worry during his lifetime. In 1363, he retired to Certaldo a poor man. Physical sickness followed and in December 1374, Boccaccio died and was buried just a stone’s throw away from his house in the church of SS Michele and Jacopo.

The house today though, houses the Ente Nazionale Giovanni Boccaccio – a museum and specialist library dedicated to the author and scholar.

There is also an interactive section of the library, which allows visitors to explore Boccaccio’s works and interests more deeply.

As is right and proper, images of Boccaccio are omnipresent and examples of his printed works throughout the years are showcased beautifully.

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