December 30, 2016
On 30 December 1365 Andrea di Firenze Signed a Contract for the Decoration of the Spanish Chapel, Santa Maria Novella in Florence.

October 27, 2016
More Earthquakes Rock Central Italy and Render Damage Only two months since the devastating 24 August earthquake , two more significant tremors, registering 5.4 and 5.9 magnitudes respectively, struck near the Italian town of Visso on 26 October and sent shockwaves that resonated across the Italian peninsula.

September 16, 2016
Official protocol of the City of Orvieto, 16 September 1310, Archive of the Community of Orvieto, Deliberations of the Commune from 1310-1312, fol.

August 28, 2016
The 28th of August is the Feast Day of St. augustine of Hippo (354-430), from whom several Roman Catholic and Anglican orders take their name.

July 1, 2016
Favorite Art Fact File Who? 6

April 5, 2016
A big day for builders: 5 April marks the feast day of Saint Vincent Ferrer, a former Dominican friar and patron saint of those in the field of construction.

March 19, 2016
As we know from a document referring to his widowed wife Catalina, Italian painter Giuliano da Rimini was dead by 19 March 1346.

March 11, 2016
Sir John Hawkwood (d. 1394) led Paduan forces against the Veronese at the Battle of Castagnaro, fought on 11 March 1387.

February 26, 2016
Documents of 26 February 1351 Reveal that the Tomb of Giacomo II da Carrara was Carved by Andriolo de’ Santi.

January 27, 2016
Dante Alighieri (b. Florence 22 May-13 June 1265, d. Ravenna 14 September 1321) was first banished from Florence on this day, 27 January in 1302.

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