March 2, 2020
On this day (2 March) in 1494, the sculptor, Niccolò dell’ Arca died.

April 27, 2017
On 27 April 1509 pope Julius II excommunicated the city-state of Venice.

March 24, 2017
Francesco di Simone da Fiesole died on 24 March 1493 in Florence.

March 2, 2017
Sculptor Niccolò dell’ Arca died on 2 March 1494 in Bologna.

February 12, 2017
The combined rites practiced by the cult of the Hirpi Sorani (“wolves of Soranus”) in the pagan peninsular countryside and those to honor Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome who were nursed by a wolf, partly explain the name of the Lupercalia, a festival celebrated each February.

December 1, 2016
Lorenzo Ghiberti Died on 1 December 1455 in Florence.

May 27, 2016
Benedetto da Maiano died on 24 May 1497 in Florence, where he was born in 1442.

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