For fans of Futurism: Critic Holland Cotter of the New York Times reviewed today an exhibition of Italian modernist art, entitled “Painting in Italy 1910s-1950s: Futurism, Abstraction, Concrete Art,” on display at the Sperone Westwater Gallery in New York. As Cotter opens his review: 

“A connoisseur’s love of Italian modernist painting, abstract in style and modest in scale, lies behind this compendious, museum-style exhibition, organized by the dealer Gian Enzo Sperone. It’s the sort of historical show that can take decades to pull together.”

Featuring works by some of the biggest names of the early 20th century, such as Giacomo Balla, to the lesser-known masters, like Enrico Prampolini, the exhibition will remain on view until 23 January. 

An installation view of works by Mario Radice, part of the exhibition entitled: “Painting in Italy 1910s-1950s: Futurism, Abstraction, Concrete Art,” at Sperone Westwater Gallery, Manhattan (Photo courtesy of

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