Dissertations in Progress

The IAS lists dissertations in progress on all subjects of Italian art.  If you would like your dissertation listed, or know of one that should be listed here, please send to the webmaster using the following format: Last name of author, first name of author, “Title of PhD Dissertation in Quotes” (Name of Institution, Advisor’s First Initial and Last Name). Please identify the subject area(s) according to the following categories: Prehistoric / Etruscan ArtRoman / Late Antique ArtEarly Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic ArtRenaissance/Baroque ArtEighteenth- / Nineteenth-Century Art; or Modern / Contemporary Art

Prehistoric / Etruscan Art

Titus, Sarah, “Genetrix et mater superstitionum: The Bulla as Apotropaic Device in Etruscan Art” (University of Washington, H. Nagy)

Roman / Late Antique Art
Allen, Mont, “The Death of Myth on Roman Sarcophagi” (UC Berkeley, C. Hallett)

Awan, Heather, “Sarcophagi and Funerary Display in Roman Aphrodisias” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Bowman, Michael, “Creating the Elsewhere: Virtual Reality in the Ancient Roman World” (Ohio State, M. Fullerton)

Cipolla, Nicholas, “The Concept and Image of the Roman Infans: Defining the Boundaries between Reality and Myth” (USC, J. Pollini)

Couzin, Robert, “The Christian Turn: Figural Imagery on Roman Sarcophagi” (Toronto, J. Caskey)

Danford, Rachel, “Manipulating Matter: Stucco Sculpture from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Darby, Robert, “Gloria Restitutum: Baths from Diocletian to Constantine” (Missouri, Columbia, M. Rautman)

Dennis, Nathan, “The Early Christian Baptistery as a Vision of Paradise” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Farr, Jason, “Lapis Gabinus: The Quarries at Gabii and the Roman Tufo Industry” (Michigan, N. Terrenato)

Fischer, Julia, “For Your Eyes Only: Private Propaganda in Roman Imperial Cameos” (Ohio State, M. Fullerton)

Follo, Valentina, “The Power of Augustan Imagery in the Age of Mussolini” (Pennsylvania, C. Brian Rose)

Fowlkes, Blair, “The Cults of Syrian-Phoenician Gods in the City of Rome: Archaeology, Topography, and Connections to the Roman East” (IFA/NYU, K. Welch)

Goldman-Petri, Megan, “Coniungere cum deorum immortalium religione: The Role of Free-standing Altars in the Early Empire” (Princeton, M. Koortbojian)

Grossmann, Richard, “Posthumous Imperial Portraits: The Afterlives of Roman Emperors’ Images” (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Hagan, Stephanie, “Consular Accession to Cosmic Triumph: Reassessing the Basilica of Junius Bassus” (Pennsylvania, A. Kuttner, C. B. Rose)

Heuser, Jennifer Ledig, “Visual Epic: Roman Images of the Trojan Cycle” (Harvard, G. F. Pinney)

Hunnell Chen, Anne, “From the Seed of the Gods: Art, Ideology, and Cultural Exchange with the Persian Court under the Roman Tetrarchs, 284–324 CE” (Columbia, F. de Angelis)

Huntsman, Theresa, “Eternal Personae: Chiusine Cinerary Urns and the Construction of Etruscan Identity” (Washington University, S. Rotroff)

Ikeshoji-Orlati, Veronica, “Music, Performance, and Identity in Fourth-Century BCE South Italian Vase Painting” (Virginia, T. J. Smith)

Jewell, Kaelin, “Architectural Decorum and Aristocratic Power in Late Antiquity: The Gens Anicii” (Temple University, E. Bolman)

Jones, Kira, “Domitian and Minerva at Rome: Iconography and Divine Sanction in the Eternal City” (Emory, E. Varner)

Kessler, Elizabeth J., “I Am the True Vine: Acculturation, Appropriation, and Assimilation in Religious Iconography of Late Antiquity” (Princeton, W. Childs)

Knapp, Jennifer, “Shaping Identity: An Analysis of Hellenistic Southern Italian Ceramics and Its Implications for Cultural and Societal Change” (Missouri, Columbia, K. Slane)

Lardi, Joelle, “The Development of Water and Water-Related Architecture as a Form of Imperial Benefaction and Legitimization under the Julio-Claudian Dynasty” (UT Austin, J. Clark, P. Davies)

Lieberman, Leigh, “The Persistent Past: Refoundations in Sicily and Magna Graecia in the 5th and 4th Centuries BCE” (Princeton, M. Koortbojian, N. Arrington, N. Luraghi)

Lytle, Beth, “Water, Aemulatio, and Legitimization:  Republican and Augustan Fountains in the City of Rome” (Emory, E. Varner)

McAlpine, Lynley, “Marble, Memory, and Meaning in the Four Pompeian Styles of Wall Painting” (Michigan, E. Gazda)

McCollum, Jacquelyn, “Painted Faces: Bust Medallions on the Bay of Naples” (Emory, E. Varner)

McFerrin, Neville, “The Uncertainty Principle: [Re]presenting Mechanisms of Power and Prestige in Pompeii” (Michigan, E. Gazda)

Molacek, Elizabeth, “Seeing, Gazing, Observing: The Representations of Sight in Roman Domestic Wall Paintings, 100 BC–AD 100” (Virginia, J. Dobbins)

Moser, Claudia, “Material Witnesses: The Memory of Sacrifice and the Altars of Republican Rome and Latium” (Brown University, S. Alcock, J. Bodel)

Mundy, Joanna, “The Domus in the City of Rome: Living Spaces, Design, and Development” (Emory, E. Varner)

Muslin, Jennifer, “Deus ex machina: Constructing and Receiving Epiphany in the Architecture and Visual Representation of Roman Festivals” (UT Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)

Nowlin, Jessica, “Reorienting Orientalization: Local Consumption and Value in Central Italy between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas” (Brown, S. Alcock, J. Cherry)

O’Connell, Shana, “Omnia Mutantur: A Study of Still Life in Roman Wall Painting” (Johns Hopkins, H. Valladares, P. L. Tucci)

Paulsen, Mieke, “From Masks to Heads: Faces in the Borders of Roman Art” (Rutgers, J. Kenfield)

Pearson, Stephanie, “Egyptianizing as Exotica in Ancient Roman Wall Painting” (UC Berkeley, C. Hallett)

Porstner, Laurie, “Roman Holiday: Compitalia in Roman Art and Culture” (Rutgers, J. Kenfield)

Rogers, Dylan, “Water Display and Meaning in the High Roman Empire” (Virginia, J. Dobbins)

Sachs, Emma, “Stylistic Allusions in Campanian Wall Painting” (Michigan, E. Gazda)

Spinelli, Ambra, “The Tablinum: A Space and Stage for ‘Private’ and ‘Public’ Rituals in the Houses of Pompeii and Herculaneum” (USC, J. Pollini)

Stewart, Devon, “The Dynamics of Remembrance in Roman Funerary Commemoration” (Emory, E. Varner)

Trentin, Summer, “Pompeian Peristyles: Form, Function, and Meaning” (Iowa, B. Longfellow)

Young, Antonia, “Green Architecture: The Interplay of Art and Nature in Roman Houses and Villas” (UC Berkeley, C. Hallett)

Early Medieval/Romanesque/Gothic Art

D’Antonio, Aurelia, “Throwing Stones at Friars: The Church of San Francesco in Piacenza” (Duke, C. Bruzelius)

Dodson, Alexandra, “Carmelite Art and Architecture in Central Italy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries” (Duke, C. Bruzelius)

Fee, Carey, “per Sanctum Vultum de Luca! Il Volto Santo and the Face of Lucca in the Eleventh through Fourteenth Centuries” (Florida State, P. Gerson)

Gillette, Amy, “Sing, Choirs of Angels! The Music of Angels at S. Maria Novella and S. Croce, Florence” (Temple, E. Bolman)

Haakenson, Hilary, “Mapping Cultural Crossroads: The Old Testament, Geography, and Artistic Rivalry in the Late Medieval Maritime Republics of Italy” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Harper, Alexander, “Patronage in the Re-Christianized Landscape of Angevin Apulia: The Rebuilding of Luceria Sarracenorum into Civitas Sanctae Mariae” (Toronto, J. Caskey)

Hauknes, Marius, “Imago, Figura, Scientia: The Image of the World in 13th-Century Rome” (Princeton, N. Zchomelidse)

Katz, Dana, “A Changing Mosaic: Multicultural Exchange in the Norman Palaces of Twelfth-Century Sicily” (Toronto, J. Caskey)

Kim, Anna, “Real Presence: The Iconic Image between Byzantium and Italy and Beyond” (Virginia, D. Summers)

Lansdowne, John, “The Dead Christ on Display at S. Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome” (Princeton, M. Koortbojian; N. Zchomelidse)

Longenbach, Erica, “Constructing Campanilismo: The Sacred Topography of Ravenna in the Middle Ages” (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Verkerk)

Platts, Christopher, “Lingua lagunare: Paolo Veneziano (ca. 1290–1358/62) and the Origins of Venetian Painting” (Yale, R. Nelson, L. Kanter)

Raucher, Meredith, “Blood on the Cross: The ‘Crucifixus Dolorosus’ and Violence in Italian Medieval Art” (Johns Hopkins, H. Kessler)

Sanecki, Jamie, “Art and the Commune: Sculpture and Architecture in Lucca, 1180–1240” (Pennsylvania, R. Maxwell)

Spiro, Anna Lee, “The Sculpture of Nicholaus in the Context of Twelfth-Century Italian Political History” (Columbia, H. Klein, D. Rosand)

Steinborn, Carly Jane, “Transforming Sacred Space: Image and Materiality in the Orthodox Baptistery of Ravenna” (Rutgers, E. Thunø)

Streahle, Kristen E.G., “Crafting Nobility in Trecento Palermo: The Painted Ceiling of the Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri” (Cornell University, C. Robinson)

Renaissance/Baroque Art

Abraham, Alyssa.“Correggio’s Altarpieces in Modena and the Gallery of Duke Francesco I d’Este” (Queen’s University, Canada, C. Hoeniger).

Alberts, Lindsay, “Absolute Ambivalence: Sites of Collecting and Display under Francesco I de’ Medici” (Boston, J. Cranston)

Allan, Eva, “The Triumph Theme and Its Variations in Long Renaissance Prints” (Yale, C. Wood, A. Dunlop)

Andersen, Lisa, “Early Modern Intermediality: Courtly Space and Its Translations in the First School of Fontainebleau” (University of British Columbia, B. Wilson)

Backus, Irene, “Asia Materialized: Perceptions of China in Renaissance Florence” (Chicago, R. Zorach)

Bailey, Meryl, “Charity, Violence, and the Art of Venice’s Scuola di San Fantin” (UC Berkeley, L. Partridge)

Barahal, Susan, “Repaint, Reframe, Renew: Updating Sacred Images during the Early Italian Renaissance” (Boston, J. Cranston)

Baseggio Omiccioli, Eveline, “Humanism and Faith: Servite Art in Venice, Patronage at Santa Maria dei Servi” (Rutgers, B. Paul)

Bell, Peter, “The Reinvention of the Bronze Statuette in Renaissance Italy: Presentation, Material, Facture” (IFA/NYU, A. Nagel)

Bemis, Elizabeth, “At the Court of the Prince: The Patronage and Art-Historical Legacy of Cesare Borgia, 1492-1503” (Florida, R. Westin)

Bentkowski, Sebastian A., “The Artistic and Architectural Patronage at the Court of Alessandro de’ Medici (1531–1537): Strategies of Representation and Legitimation” (UT Austin, L. Waldman)

Berzal, Javier, “Spaces of Action: Visual Experiences in Early Modern Italian Scenography” (Ohio State, C. Kleinbub)

Blom, Laura, “Mobilizing the Macabre: Rosso, Rovezzano, and Rustici and the Language of Transgression, 1500–1530” (Johns Hopkins, S. Campbell)

Bourla, Lisa, “The Reform of Drawing and the Natural Act of Painting: Lodovico Cigoli and His Florentine Circle, ca. 1600” (Pennsylvania, M. Cole)

Bratichak, Meaghan, “‘Non è buon stile dispiacermi’: Agostino Chigi as Patron of the Villa Farnesina” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Brennan, Robert, “The ‘Modern’ in Italian Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance” (IFA/NYU, A. Nagel, M. Trachtenberg)

Budny, Virginia, “Benedetto da Maiano and His Workshops” (IFA/NYU, M. Trachtenberg)

Busby, Richard, “Sacramental Ritual and Sites of Remembrance: The Angevin Tombs in San Lorenzo Maggiore, Santa Chiara, and Santa Maria Donnaregina in Naples” (Emory, C. Jean Campbell)

Chang, Samantha, “Listening to Painting, Seeing Music: Intersensorial and Synaesthetic Approaches to Music and Visual Culture in the Early Modern Period” (Toronto, P. Sohm)

Chien, Letha, “Tintoretto’s San Marco Cycle” (UC Berkeley, T. Olson)

Christova, Liubava, “Bizarre di varie figure of Giovanni Battista Bracelli: Combinative Figures as a Visual Metaphor” (Russian Institute of History of Art, I. Chechot)

Cody, Steven J., “Andrea del Sarto (1486–1530) and the Art of Reform” (Maryland, College Park, M. Gill)

Conrad, Jessamyn, “Telling Time: Contextualizing Narrative Painting in Duccio’s Maestà and the Trecento Altars in the Crossing of the Duomo of Siena” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Conti, Nicole, “Salvator Rosa as Printmaker: The Construction of Artistic Identity through Etching and Collecting” (Minnesota, M. Gaudio, S. Ostrow)

Copp, Catherine, “The Carracci and Venice” (Queen’s, Kingston, D. McTavish)

Corradino, Christopher, “The Life and Work of Giovanni Mansueti” (IFA/NYU, C. Eisler)

Coughlin, Michael, “Art, Violence, and the Staging of Masculinity in Renaissance Venice” (University of British Columbia, B. Wilson)

Cymbala, Amy, “Uxor Carissima, Mulier Clarissima: Women’s Tomb Monuments in Rome, 1550–1750” (Pittsburgh, A. Harris)

D’Addio, Sophia, “Adorning the re degl’istrumenti: Painted Organ Shutters in Renaissance Italy” (Columbia, M. Cole)

D’Antonio, Aurelia, “Throwing Stones at Friars: The Church of San Francesco in Piacenza” (Duke, C. Bruzelius)

Damen, Gaida, “The Trade in Antiquities between Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean (ca. 1400–1600)” (Princeton, P. Brown)

D’Arrista, Carla, “Instruments of Power: The Artistic Patronage of the Three Pucci Cardinals (1513–1547)” (Columbia, F. Benelli)

David, Margaret Diane, “Francesco Mochi, Sculptor (1580–1654)” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Davies, Gregory, “Playing with Fire: Caricature and Its Epistemology in Baroque Italy” (Toronto, P. Sohm)

Di Croce, Alessandra, “Collections of Early-Christian and Medieval Art in Baroque Rome” (Columbia, D. Freedberg)

Di Resta, Jason, “Crudeliter accentuando eructant: Rethinking Center and Periphery in the Art of Giovanni Antonio da Pordenone” (Johns Hopkins, S. Campbell)

DiMarzo, Michelle, “Titian and the Culture of Mid-Century Rome: The Venetian Among the Ruins” (Temple, T. Cooper)

Diorio, Jennifer, “Florentine Workshop Methods of the Second Half of the Fifteenth Century as Analysed in the Work of Neri di Bicci, Benozzo Gozzoli, and Domenico Ghirlandaio” (Queen’s, Kingston, D. McTavish)

Di Resta, Jason, “Giovanni Antonio da Pordenone: Artistic Ambition and the Challenge of the Local, 1515–1539” (Johns Hopkins, S. Campbell)

Dodson, Alexandra, “Carmelite Art and Architecture in Central Italy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries” (Duke, C. Bruzelius)

Downey, Erin, “The Bentvueghels: Networking and Agency in the Seicento Roman Art Market” (Temple University, T. Cooper)

Dubinsky, Caroline J., “Arti del Fuoco: The Visual Culture of Mining and Metallurgy in Sixteenth-Century Italy” (Maryland, College Park, M.Gill)

Edgerton, Hannah, “The Apotheosis of Federico da Montefeltro: Art Power and Identity in Late Quattrocento Italy” (Indiana, G. Knox)

Eldredge, Benjamin, “Pater Patriae, Defensor Fidei, Principe: Andrea Doria, San Matteo, and the Art of Patronage in Sixteenth-Century Italy” (Rutgers, B. Paul)

Ehrlich, Victoria H., “I Modelli di Virtù: Mythological Heroes in the Art of Fifteenth-Century Florence” (Cornell, C. Lazzaro)

Elliot-Beatty, Susan, “Alexander VII, Bernini, and the Cappella del Voto in Siena” (Toronto, E. Levy)

Fishburne, James, “Casting an Ecclesiastical Prince: The Portrait Medals of Pope Julius II” (UCLA, J. Woods-Marsden)

Fisher, Allison, “Artistic Interest in the Life of Alexander the Great during the Italian Renaissance: Designs in All Media, with a Focus on Raphael and His Workshop” (Queen’s, Kingston, C. Hoeniger)

Fletcher, Francis, “Mantegna’s Fictive Reliefs: Painting as Moral Philosophy and the Humanist Language of Historical Inquiry in the Renaissance” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Ford, Suzan, “Bernini’s Tomb of Urban VIII in St. Peter’s: A Study of Art and Papal Power in the Context of the Counter-Reformation” (Rutgers, T. Marder)

Fraiman, Jeff, “The Painted Altarpiece in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Rome” (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

Gabbarelli, Jamie, “Networks, Collaboration, and Cosmopolitanism: Ventura Salimbeni, Philippe Thomassin, and Printmaking in Rome, 1570–1620” (Yale, C. Wood)

Goodman, Anna, “Moretto da Brescia: Viewing Female Spirituality in Sixteenth-Century Lombardy” (Indiana, G. Knox)

Graham, Brenna, “The Most Bitter and Untimely of Events: Women, Death, and the Monumental Tomb in Quattrocento Italy” (Rutgers, B. Paul)

Greenfield, Ingrid, “A Moveable Continent: Collecting Africa in Renaissance Italy” (Chicago, R. Zorach)

Guida, Katie, “Artistic Patronage of the Augustinian Hermits in Trecento Italy” (Penn State, B. Curran)

Haakenson, Hilary, “Mapping Cultural Crossroads: The Old Testament, Geography, and Artistic Rivalry in the Late Medieval Maritime Republics of Italy” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Hanson, Emily, “Spectacular Ambition: Unrealized Projects of Leonardo and Michelangelo” (Washington University, W. Wallace)

Hara, Mari Yoko, “Places of Performance: Scenography and Architecture of Baldassarre Peruzzi, 1482–1531” (Virginia, C. Brothers)

Harris, Natalie, “Art at the Crossroads: Venice, the Vivarini, and the Negotiation of Cultural Identity, 1410–1510” (Penn State, B. Curran)

Huang, Xiao, “Francesco Salviati Ritrattista: Experiments in Cinquecento Portraiture” (Queen’s, Kingston, D. McTavish)

Howard, Becca, “Movements of the Mind: Beyond the Mimetic Likeness in Early Modern Italy” (Ohio State, C. Kleinbub)

Hulst, Titia, “The Leo Castelli Gallery” (IFA/NYU, T. Crow, J. Brown)

Iarocci, Bernice, “The Santissima Annunziata of Florence and the Reception of Sacred Images during the Counter-Reformation Period” (Toronto, P. Sohm)

Ilchman, Frederick, “Tintoretto’s Judgment: Artistic Ambition in Counter-Reformation Venice” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Irwin, Christa, “Rome in Lima: Italian Renaissance Influence in Colonial Peruvian Painting” (CUNY, J. Saslow)

Isard, Katherine, “Scritti secondo Vitruvio: Vincenzo Scamozzi and Reading as Architectural Practice in Sixteenth-Century Italy” (Columbia, D. Rosand, F. Benelli)

Jewitt, James, “Environmental Cataclysm and Landscape Painting in Renaissance Venice” (Pittsburgh, A. Sutherland Harris)

Karentzos, Loukas, “Court and Countryside: Central Italian Villas of the Mid-Sixteenth Century” (Princeton, J. Pinto)

Kawase, Yusuke, “Jusepe de Ribera and His Workshop in Naples, 1616–1652: Its Function and Practice” (IFA/NYU, J. Brown)

Keener, Chrystine, “Jacopo Pontormo and the Transformation of Christology in Early-Modern Florence” (Indiana, G. Knox)

Kemling, Michael, “The Portraits of Michelangelo: 1508–1564” (Georgia, S. Zuraw)

Kennedy, Trinita, “Pandolfo Petrucci’s Patronage at the Osservanza: A Study in Political and Religious Crisis in Renaissance Siena” (IFA/NYU, K. Weil-Garris Brandt)

Keogh, Kristina, “The Presentation of Incorruptibility: The Praesentia of the Female Saint” (Virginia Commonwealth, J. Israel)

Kinew, Shawon, “The Vision in Stone: Melchiorre Cafà (1636–1667) in the World” (Harvard, F. Fehrenbach)

Konova, Joana, “Reception of Roman Sculpture in Sixteenth-Century Rome” (Chicago, R. Zorach)

Kupiec, Catherine, “The Materiality of Luca della Robbia’s Glazed Terracotta Sculptures” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Kutasz, Theresa, “Christina, Queen of Sweden, and the Politics of Antiquities Collection in Early Modern Rome” (Penn State, B. Curran)

Lansdowne, John, “The Dead Christ on Display at S. Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome” (Princeton, M. Koortbojian; N. Zchomelidse)

Lange, Henrike, “Relief: Giotto, Donatello, Mantegna” (Yale, C. Wood)

Langer, Lara, “Andrea Sansovino: Mastering the Spectacle of Sculpture in Sixteenth-Century Italian Art” (Maryland, College Park, M. Gill)

Langusi, Daniela, “Wenzel Cobergher and His Neapolitan Years, 1580–1598: Flemish Expatriates, Money, Piety, and Erudition” (Penn State, C. Houghton)

Lepine-Cercone, Chantelle, “Art and Business in Seventeenth-Century Naples: The Collecting and Dealing Practices of Gaspare Roomer” (Queen’s, Kingston, S. Schütze, S. Dickey)

Letwin, Hilary Hunt, “The Power of Print: The Scultori Engraving Workshop in Sixteenth-Century Mantua” (Johns Hopkins, S. Campbell)

Libina, Marsha, “Sebastiano del Piombo: From Venice to Rome and His Collaboration with Michelangelo” (Johns Hopkins, S. Campbell)

Long, Rebecca, “Bartolomé Carducho and Italian Artists at the Spanish Court, 1580–1621” (IFA/NYU, J. Brown)

Lynch, April, “Spirituality of Beauty in the Art of Artemisia Gentileschi and Elisabetta Sirani” (Graduate Theological Union, A. Holder)

Magill, Kelley, “Reforming the Art of Martyrdom: The Exploration of the Catacombs and Early Christian Revival in Post-Tridentine Rome” (UT Austin, L. Waldman)

Maratsos, Jessica, “Pontormo: The Body, the Soul, and Italian Evangelismo” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Marzullo, Francesca, “The Overdoor in Renaissance Italy” (Columbia, M. Cole)

Maye, Kira, “Painting and Performance in Rome: The Art and Visual Culture of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Crucifix of San Marcello” (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

McAuliffe, Michael, “Connoisseurship in the Twentieth Century: The János Scholz Collection of Italian Old Master Drawings—A Case Study” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

McColeman, Susanne, “Vasari, Invention, and Fantasy: Grotesques in the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi” (Queen’s, Kingston, U. D’Elia)

Meier, Melissa J., “Cangiante and Shot Silk: Material Influence on Artistic Practice in Renaissance Italy” (Bryn Mawr, D. Cast)

Merrill, Elizabeth, “Francesco di Giorgio and the Formation of the Professional Architect” (Virginia, C. Brothers)

Millard, Robert, “Live, Struggle, and Die: A Study of Antique Forms in Late-Quattrocento Sculpted Reliefs” (Penn State, B. Curran)

Minter, Erin Sutherland, “Michelangelo and Pope Paul III, 1534–49: Patronage, Collaboration, and Construction of Identity in Renaissance Rome” (Washington University, W. Wallace)

Moreton, Melissa “Scritto di bellissima lettera: Nuns’ Book Production in 15th and 16th-century Italy” (University of Iowa, C. Berman)

Murray, Colin Alexander, “Friendship and Collaboration in the Painting of Early Modern Venice” (Toronto, P. Sohm)

Napolitano, Elena, “Prospects of Statecraft: Urban Strategy and the Vision of French Nationhood in Rome, 1660–1700” (Toronto, E. Levy)

Nayyar, Reshma, “Visions of the Divine: Baciccio’s Frescoes at the Gesù in Rome” (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

Nelson, Sean, “Jerusalem Lost: Crusade, Myth, and Historical Imagination in Grand Ducal Florence” (USC, S. Roberts)

Nickel, Kirk, “Monstrous Histories: The Past and Its Likeness in the Painting of Moretto da Brescia, 1525–1554” (Pennsylvania, L. Silver)

O’Leary, Heather, “Viva Bacco e Viva Amore: Bacchic Imagery in the Renaissance” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Parsons, Kimberly, “Under the Shadow of Florence: Sienese Art Production during Early Medici Rule” (Penn State, B. Curran)

Perkins, Elizabeth, “Antonello da Messina and the Independent Portrait in Fifteenth-Century Venice” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Platts, Christopher, “Lingua lagunare: Paolo Veneziano and the Origins of Venetian Painting” (Yale, R. Nelson, L. Kanter)

Racco, Tiffany. “Luca Giordano: Speed, Imitation, and the Art of Fame” (University of Delaware, D. M. Stone)

Shay Millea, Mary, “Beloved Rivals: Power, Paragone, and the Petrarchan Portrait in Renaissance Italy” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Sheridan, Victoria, “Ornaments of Style in Venetian Baroque” (Toronto, P. Sohm)

Siemon, Julia, “Bronzino between the Republic and the Academy” (Columbia, D. Rosand)

Silva, Joseph, “Thuscorum et Ligurum Securitati: Cosimo I’s Visual Program for the Naval Knighthood of Saint Stephen in Florence and Pisa” (Brown, E. Lincoln)

Sjøvoll, Therese, “Queen Christina of Sweden’s Musaeum: Collecting and Display in the Palazzo Riario-Corsini” (Columbia, D. Freedberg, D. Rosand)

Sliwka, Jennifer, “Domenico Beccafumi and the Politics of Devotion in Sixteenth-Century Siena” (Johns Hopkins, S. Campbell)

Stacey, Christina, “Veri Ritratti: Pietro Longhi and Genre Painting in Eighteenth-Century Venice” (Princeton, P. Brown)

Stewart, Pamela, “Corpus Domini and Santissimo Sacramento: Imagining the Body of Christ in Cinquecento Lombardy” (Michigan, M. Holmes)

Sullivan, Kathleen, “Anticlassicism, Style, and Meaning in the Work of Girolamo Romanino, 1519–1540” (Rutgers, B. Paul)

Therien, Devin, “‘Terribile Disegno’ and ‘Eroico Componimento’: Mattia Preti’s Artistic Practice and Its Reception in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Italy” (Queen’s, Kingston, S. Schütze)

Tom, Lisa Wuliang, “Negotiating Masculinities and Martial Identities in Early Modern Italian Portraiture” (Brown, E. Lincoln)

Valiela, Julia, “Identity and Ideals: Problems in Sculptural Busts of Women in Renaissance Italy” (IFA/NYU, K. Weil-Garris Brandt)

Viggiani, Daniela, “Pietro Maria Guarienti (Verone 1678–Dresde 1753): Marchand, artiste, connaisseur” (University of Montreal, L. de Moura Sobral, A. Caleca)

Vigotti, Lorenzo, “From Palazzo Davanzati to Palazzo Medici: Private Architecture during the Florentine Oligarchy, 1382–1444” (Columbia, F. Benelli)

Vranic, Ivana, “Between Physis and Technē: Molding, Firing, and Painting Terracotta Passion Groups in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Italy” (University of British Columbia, B. Wilson)

Wagemakers, Wouter, “The Power of Architecture: Architecture, Politics and Social Identity in Sixteenth-Century Verona” (University of Amsterdam, L. Bosman)

Wagner, Nicole. “Women Working the Table: The Material Culture, Gendered Spaces, and Visual Representations of Female Card Players in Early Modern Italy” (Binghamton University, K. Barzman)

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