Dissertations in Progress

The IAS lists in-progress and completed dissertations within the last five years on all subjects of Italian art.  If you are an active member and would like your dissertation listed, please add it to your profile.

Prehistoric / Etruscan Art and Architecture

No disserations currently listed in this category.

Roman / Late Antique Art

No disserations currently listed in this category.

Early Medieval / Romanesque / Gothic Art

Jensen, Claire, "Annunziata Art: Trecento Frescoes in Sant'Agata de' Goti" (University of Toronto, J Caskey), 2022

Renaissance / Baroque Art

Anka, Jaiya, "“Queens, Saints, and Sultanas: Interwoven Identities as Portrait in the Sixteenth Century”" (The University of Victoria, E. Campbell), 2023

Arnheim, Rebecca, "Ephemera Made Permanent: Collection and Display of Portrait Drawings in Early Modern Italy" (Boston University, J. Cranston), 2023

Feller, Deborah, "Traces of Trauma in the Drawings of Jusepe de Ribera" (Rutgers University, C. Puglisi), 2023

Gravanis, Konstantinos, "Sources, Functions and Meaning of Imagery in the Vatican's Raphael Rooms" (University of Kent, T. Henry, B. Thomas), 2021

Haines, Lois, "The Workshop and its Painters: Perugino and the Perugineschi in Florence and Perugia" (The Warburg Institute/ National Gallery, London, Prof. M O'Malley and Dr. M Wivel), 2021

James, Julie, "‘In Those Men See Yourselves’: The Sienese Iconography of Illustrious Men" (Washington University in St. Louis, W. Wallace), 2022

Koncz, Caroline, "Beyond Titian’s Venus: The Nude Body and Social Control in Late Cinquecento Venetian Painting" (Ohio State, C. Kleinbub), 2022

Leshem, Bar, "Didactic Imagery on Sixteenth-Century Italian Cassoni" (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Prof. Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby), 2022

McCarthy, Alexa, "Blue Paper in Amsterdam and the Italian Tradition" (University of St Andrews, E Van Kessel; L Moretti), 2022

McKenzie, Louisa, "Waxing devotion: the economic and devotional lifecycles of wax ex-votos in Florence 1300-1500" (The Warburg Institute, R. Duits), 2022

O'Reilly, Catherine, "Last Supper Refectory Frescoes in Fifteenth-Century Florence: Painting, Performance, Senses, and Space" (Boston University, J. Cranston), 2021

Patton, Ashley, "Tangible Women: Marble Sculptures of Female Saints and Mystics in Seventeenth-Century Rome" (University of Minnesota, Steven F. Ostrow), 2023

Simmons, Elizabeth, "Volterrano as a Draftsman: Style, Technique, and Connoisseurship of Drawings in Seicento Florence" (University of Delaware, D. Stone), 2022

Tonizzo, Gabriele, "La pala d'altare a Venezia tra Tiziano e Tiepolo (1580-1720)" (Università degli Studi di Udine, L. Borean), 2021

Upart, Anatole, ""Ruthenians in Early Modern Rome: Art and Architecture of a Uniate Community, 1596 – 1750”" (University of Chicago, N. Atkinson), 2021

Zappella, Christine, "Monochrome Painting and Il Corpo della Compagnia in Andrea del Sarto's Cloister of the Scalzo" (University of Chicago, Charles E. Cohen), 2022

Eighteenth- / Nineteenth-Century Art

Maggi, Edoardo, "Photography and Painters, Painting and Photographers: Rome 1880-1911. Considerations on Relationships, Ways of Employing, Practices." (Sapienza University of Rome, I. Schiaffini, E. Billi), 2022

Modern / Contemporary Art

Dumont, Anna, "From Design Reform to Fascist Craft: Women's Labor in Italian Textile Work 1870-1945" (Northwestern University, R. Zorach), 2022

Lindeman, Ashley, "L'Arte Murale: Modern Italian Murals and the Expansion of Empire, 1932-1945" (Florida State University, A. Jolles), 2022

Martin, Aja, "Dark Matters: Lucio Fontana's Grotesque World" (Rice University, G Hughes), 2023

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