Recent Dissertations

The IAS lists in-progress and completed dissertations within the last five years on all subjects of Italian art.  If you are an active member and would like your dissertation listed, please add it to your profile.

Prehistoric / Etruscan Art and Architecture

No disserations currently listed in this category.

Roman / Late Antique Art

Barber, Samuel, ""The Fitting Face of Empire": Palaces and Power in the Early Middle Ages" (Cornell University, B Anderson), 2021

Early Medieval / Romanesque / Gothic Art

Bordi, Giulia Anna Bianca, "Gli arredi liturgici della Puglia centro-settentrionale nel Medioevo (XI-XIVsecolo): da Bari alla Terra di Bari" (Sapienza Università di Roma, M. Gianandrea), 2022

Bruhns Alonso, Cosette, "Worth A Thousand Words: Turning to Visual Art in Medieval Italian Literature" (University of Chicago, J. Steinberg), 2020

Platts, Christopher, "Paolo Veneziano and the Patronage, Design, and Reception of Venetian Gothic Painting" (Yale University, ), 2019

Ruppar, Rebecca, "Early Franciscan Painted Panels as a Response to the Italian Cathars" (University of Missouri, A. Stanton), 2020

Renaissance / Baroque Art

Bell, Maggie, "Healing Walls: Visualizing Bodily, Social and Spiritual Care in the Pellegrinaio Frescoes at the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena" (University of California, Santa Barbara, R. Williams (deceased) and M. Meadow), 2019

D'Addio, Sophia, "Painted Organ Shutters in Renaissance Italy" (Columbia University, M. Cole), 2020

Evrard, Clarisse, ""Ut maiolica epica" : painting chilvaric world in 16th century Italian maiolica" (University of Lille - École du Louvre, P. Michel and T. Crépin-Leblond), 2019

Foner, Daria, "Collaborative Endeavors in the Career of Andrea del Sarto" (Columbia University, M. Cole), 2020

Gravanis, Konstantinos, "Sources, Functions and Meaning of Imagery in the Vatican's Raphael Rooms" (University of Kent, T. Henry, B. Thomas), 2022

Grimmett, Kendra, "Grappling with Hercules: Masculinity and the Male Body in Rubens's Time" (University of Pennsylvania, L. Silver), 2022

Harpster, Grace, "Carlo Borromeo's Itineraries: The Sacred Image in Post-Tridentine Italy" (UC Berkeley, T. Olson), 2018

Hilliam, Amanda, "Beyond Painting: Carlo Crivelli's Celestial Fictions" (, ), 2020

Kim, Allison, "Vasari as Painter: Imitation, Invention, and Professional Identity" (, ), 2019

McCabe, Sophia Quach, "Hans Rottenhammer in Venice: Networking in Style between Italy and Germany" (University of California, Santa Barbara, M. Meadow), 2019

McKenzie, Louisa, "Waxing devotion: the economic and devotional lifecycles of wax ex-votos in Florence 1300-1500" (The Warburg Institute, R. Duits), 2023

Offill, Ashley, "The Corsini Chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine: Framing the Relic Cult of Saint Andrea Corsini in Baroque Florence" (University of Kansas, S. Cornelison), 2020

Overpelt, Laura, "“By a single painter”. The organization and representation of Giorgio Vasari’s decorative projects in the Palazzo Vecchio" (Open Universiteit, Heerlen, P. Van den Akker), 2022

Paganussi, Caroline, "Bologna la dotta: The University and the Visual Arts in the Age of the Bentivoglio, 1463-1512" (University of Maryland, College Park, M. Gill), 2021

Schockmel, Bryn, "The Historical Procession of Andrea Mantegna's "Triumphs of Caesar": From Mantua to Hampton Court" (Boston University, J. Cranston), 2019

Scott, Braden, "Antiquity Expanded: Ancient West Asian and North African Architecture in European Art, c. 1450-1570" (McGill University, A. Vanhaelen; C. Henry), 2023

Sorrentino, Vincenzo, "Between Florence, Rome, and Naples: the del Riccios’ artistic commissions and cultural relations from the 16th to the 17th century" (University of Pisa, C.M. Sicca), 2018

Upart, Anatole, ""Ruthenians in Early Modern Rome: Art and Architecture of a Uniate Community, 1596 – 1750”" (University of Chicago, N. Atkinson), 2021

Vigotti, Lorenzo, "The Origin of the Renaissance Palace: Private Architecture during the Florentine Oligarchy, 1378-1432" (Columbia University, F. Benelli), 2019

Wallace, Catharine, "“Cultivating Egyptian All’Antica Imagery as Emblems of Rome in the Sixteenth Century”" (Temple University, Tyler School of Art, M. Hall), 2020

Zappella Papanastassiou, Christine, "Monochrome Painting and the Period Body in Andrea del Sarto's Cloister of the Scalzo" (University of Chicago, Charles E. Cohen), 2022

Eighteenth- / Nineteenth-Century Art

Zerbi, Tommaso, "The Tricolour, Shield, and Cross of Savoy: ‘Sabaudian Medievalism,’ the Risorgimento, and Neo-Medieval Architecture in Italy, c.1814–1864" (University of Edinburgh, A. Bremner), 2021

Zerbi, Tommaso, "The Tricolour, Shield, and Cross of Savoy: ‘Sabaudian Medievalism,’ the Risorgimento, and Neo-Medieval Architecture in Italy, c.1814–1864" (University of Edinburgh, A. Bremner), 2021

Modern / Contemporary Art

Brown, Laura, "The architectural design and planning legacies of the European Summer Olympic Games 1948-2012" (Northumbria University, M. Cresciani), 2020

Federici, Valeria, "Network Culture in Italy in the 1990s and the Making of a Place for Art and Activism." (Brown University, M. Riva; C.J. Martin; E. Lincoln), 2019

Spina, Davide, "Christian Democrats, Architecture and Capitalist Development in Post-War Italy: Società Generale Immobiliare (SGI), 1945–75" (ETH Zurich, Laurent Stalder, Adrian Forty, Mia Fuller), 2021

Previously Completed Dissertations

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